Ventas is committed to sustainable practices across every aspect of our business. Integrating sustainability into our core business practices reduces risk, improves the efficiency of our building operations, creates value for our shareholders and communities, and protects our planet.

South Street Building

1100 Van-Ness building

Responsible Acquisitions

Reflecting our commitment to long-term outperformance, our acquisition due diligence process includes rigorous vetting of environmental, social, governance, operational and other business risks, as well as Property Condition Assessments (PCA) and Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for all new acquisitions.

Our acquisitions team also collaborates with risk management and our property insurers to evaluate the exposure of new properties to high-hazard earthquake, flood and wind zones, ensuring appropriate insurance coverage, limits and deductibles, as well as appropriate geographic dispersion to avoid issues from concentration of risk.

Sustainability Considerations and Green/Efficiency Measures

  • Building Certifications (LEED®/ENERGY STAR®)
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Occupancy Sensors for Lighting
  • Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixture
  • ENERGY-STAR Appliances
  • High-Efficiency HVAC Systems or Equipment
  • Low-E Window Glass
  • White/Green Roof
  • Solar Panels



Pursing or achieved
LEED Certification
projects being developed on greenfield sites
Commitment to LEED Silver
or Better on our
Research & Innovation
Development Pipeline
< 10%
of NOI from properties
in high flood risk areas

Ventas is committed to environmentally and socially responsible development in collaboration with our operating partners including:

  • Pursuit of LEED certification
  • Developing urban brownfields and infill sites
  • Supporting urban revitalization

Responsible Partnerships

Responsible investment extends to the companies with which we partner. We have built strong partnerships with the industry’s top senior care and senior living providers, researchers and developers by sharing deep industry knowledge and providing reliable access to capital. The common thread among our partners is they have created platforms for growth, have excellent track records and reputations and employ best practices.

Prior to entering into partnership agreements, Ventas conducts a thorough review that extends beyond financial performance and legal compliance to the company’s approach to human capital management, labor relations, managing resident satisfaction, IT security and infrastructure, environmental impact, marketing practices and other non-financial factors.

We conduct recurring regulatory reviews of our senior housing and healthcare operators with the help of expert outside counsel. We also ensure our healthcare leases include provisions requiring compliance with applicable health and safety laws.

Collaboration and Communications:
Supporting our Tenants, Residents and Operators

We work hard to maintain an open line of communication with our tenants and operators with frequent touch points and meetings. We conduct regular satisfaction surveys in our Office portfolio, and our Senior Housing operators conduct periodic resident satisfaction surveys.

Tenant Satisfaction

We work with the Kingsley Survey, an independent third-party firm, to conduct annual satisfaction surveys across our Office portfolio.

Our Medical Office Building portfolio has improved its overall satisfaction every year since 2016, exceeding the Kingsley Index average dating back to 2019. We began measuring our Research & Innovation portfolio in 2018, establishing a strong baseline.

Ventas is proud of its significant achievements in Office tenant satisfaction, performing in the top half of the Kingsley benchmark and increasing overall satisfaction by 4% in 2020.

Resident Satisfaction

Conducting regular resident satisfaction evaluations is an industry best practice in senior housing, as it helps operators maintain a culture of continuous improvement and ensure residents are thriving in their communities.

We rely on our partnerships with best-in-class providers to run our senior housing communities. As of June 30, 2021, approximately 95% of our senior housing NOI was derived from tenants or operators who conduct regular resident satisfaction surveys, surpassing our goal of at least 80% set in 2019. The resident satisfaction surveys act as one of the ways in which we evaluate senior housing provider strength and performance.