Ventas Investment Management

Ventas Investment Management (VIM) consolidates our extensive third-party capital ventures under a single umbrella. Leveraging the full power of the experienced Ventas team to achieve superior results, including our long-tenured senior executives, VIM provides institutional investors with the opportunity to co-invest directly in life science, senior housing and other healthcare real estate while capitalizing on Ventas’s position as a trusted industry expert and innovator with a proven track record of success through market cycles.

With over $39 billion in strategic investments and ~18% annualized total shareholder return since the beginning of 20001, Ventas is a natural partner for globally respected institutional investors seeking to capitalize on the opportunity provided by demographically driven real estate.

The VIM Platform has approximately $5B+2 in assets under management and consists of the Ventas Life Science & Healthcare Real Estate Fund, our life science development joint venture with GIC and our senior housing development State Pension Fund joint venture.

Ventas Life Science and Healthcare Real Estate Fund

GIC Research & Innovation Development Joint Venture

State Pension Fund Joint Venture

Why Partner With Ventas

  • Sector Specialization: A leading S&P 500 real estate investment trust (REIT), Ventas operates at the intersection of healthcare and real estate, each representing approximately 20% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). Investing in, owning and managing real estate assets in the life science, senior housing and other healthcare spaces is our only focus. These demographically driven assets require specialized expertise and relationships to deliver consistent superior returns.
  • Scale & Diversification: With a ~$34 billion enterprise value, we utilize scale, best-in-class processes and proprietary knowledge and relationships from our outstanding portfolio of approximately 1,400 properties to enhance capital allocation and returns. Diversification amongst our five demographically driven verticals - Senior Housing, Research, Outpatient Medical, Health Systems and Post-Acute Care - enables continuous investment activity through cycles. Our deep understanding of each asset class also informs and enhances our success across the healthcare spectrum.
  • One Ventas, One Team: Access to a proven, long-tenured interdisciplinary team of over 200 professionals, including Ventas’s engaged executive management, supported by state-of-the-art resources and proprietary analytics.
  • Best-in-Class Partnerships: In healthcare real estate, it is essential to underwrite, create and maintain best in class, long-term partnerships with leading life science companies, research universities, health systems and care providers and developers. Our existing arrangements and knowledge provide a competitive advantage that creates investment opportunities and helps drive operating performance.
  • Highly Fragmented $1 Trillion Market with Powerful Demographics: The growing yet highly fragmented $1 trillion healthcare real estate market is ripe for continued consolidation and additional investment. The growth in the market is supported by the rapidly expanding cohorts of both baby boomers and the over 80 population which together are projected to represent over 20% of the US population by 2030, responses to a once-in-a-century pandemic and scientific breakthroughs such as cell and gene therapies.
  • ESG Leadership: Ventas is widely recognized for commitment to and implementation of smart environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies that are essential to delivering long-term superior results, resilience and sustained excellence. Learn more about ESG at Ventas

Investor Alignment

Ventas resolutely aligns its interests with our investors:

  • Co-Investment: Ventas maintains co-investment levels of at least 20% in each private capital venture.  This provides real alignment of financial interests, as well as access to our entire suite of resources and relationships with industry leaders.
  • A Single Portfolio:  Ventas uses its enterprise-wide asset and property management teams, expertise and insights to manage its portfolio—whether wholly owned or VIM assets—with a single focus on optimizing performance of all assets.

Platform Ventures

Ventas Life Science and Healthcare Real Estate Fund, L.P: Ventas Life Science and Healthcare Real Estate Fund, L.P. is a perpetual life vehicle focused on investments in core and core plus life science, outpatient medical and senior housing real estate in North America. As of September 30, 2023, the Fund has ~$3 billion in assets under management consisting of premier life science facilities and cutting-edge medical office buildings. Ventas is the Fund Sponsor and General Partner of the Fund.

GIC Research & Innovation Development Joint Venture: In October 2020, Ventas formed a joint venture with GIC, a leading global investment firm established to manage Singapore’s foreign reserves. The joint venture, of which Ventas is the manager, initially owned four university-based research and innovation development projects with total estimated project costs of approximately $930 million. The joint venture may be expanded to over $2 billion in assets through the addition of pre-identified future R&I development projects.

State Pension Fund Joint Venture: Principally focused on investment in ground up development and value added redevelopment of senior housing with premier operators, this joint venture exceeds $500 million in total assets and recently opened four state-of-the-art Class A senior housing communities in major metropolitan markets. Ventas serves as the managing member of the joint venture.

VIM Team


Brian Newman

Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager


Mike Smith

Vice President, Finance


Allison Rath

Director, Portfolio Management


Sean O'Malley

Director, Fund Finance


Pam Boneham

Senior Advisor

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