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Ventas, an S&P 500 company, operates at the intersection of two powerful and dynamic industries – healthcare and real estate. As one of the world’s foremost Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), we use the power of capital to unlock the value of real estate, partnering with leading care providers, developers, research and medical institutions, innovators and healthcare organizations whose success is buoyed by the strong demographic trends of an aging population and increased life expectancy. For twenty years, Ventas has followed a successful strategy that endures: combining a high quality diverse portfolio with industry leading partners who bring both scale and skill, and a collaborative and experienced team focused on producing consistent growing cash flows and superior returns on a strong balance sheet, ultimately rewarding Ventas shareholders with extraordinary outperformance.

A Snapshot of Success1

Carefully-Curated, Diversified Portfolio

With more than $39 billion in accretive investments since 2004, our outstanding portfolio is resilient, diverse and
carefully-curated across business models, strategic partners and asset classes, spanning seniors housing, research & innovation, medical office and other healthcare real estate.

Carefully-Curated, Diversified Portfolio chart

Carefully-Curated, Diversified Portfolio chart

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At Ventas, we don't just invest in properties; we invest in possibilities. We empower healthcare providers, operators and innovators to achieve their goals and help more people than ever before.

  1. Data per Q4 2020 earnings materials dated 2/18/2021.
  2. Bloomberg, for the period beginning 12/31/1999 and ending 12/31/2020. Ventas prices adjusted historically for spin-off.